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Cecília Lima

Date: 26/March/2019 Category:

About the artist : 

Cecília Lima lives and works in Brasilia, Brazil. Student of the Institute of Arts of the University of Brasilia – UnB. She approaches and moves away from everyday places inhabited through walking and looking, always in excavation through the urban centers. The artist exhibits regularly, develops research in sculpture, performance, installation, photography and video.

Going through everyday spaces and discovering ordinary treasures on sidewalks and garbage scoops are her way of being constantly in contact-collision with the body of the city. Her proposals arise from the relationship between two buildings: the artist’s own body and the urban constructions, both always in transition and in collapse. The indiscipline and the instability are modus operandi of the works developed at the moment, where the scales are not fixed and the languages are support of affective attack with the images and objects found in the city.