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Director, actress and producer

Graduate in Fine Arts and Performing Arts, her professional career began as a film and television actress, between Barcelona and Paris. During the last decade she has worked as a director, scriptwriter and producer, in pedagogical projects, fiction and video-marketing. Through various artistic disciplines, she seeks for authenticity in her content and in beauty, while paying special attention to detail. She currently runs her audiovisual production company “La Cerilla”, creating pieces on topics related to sustainability, nature and gender equality, among others.



Project ON SON LES DONES?  (Where are the women?)

We made three audiovisual capsules for the Act of Recognition of Rural Women, organized by the Diputació de Barcelona, in the framework of the Gastronomic Forum that was held last November 2023. The capsules accompanied a round table discussion on this topic. The intention was to create these audiovisual pieces to make visible some of these women entrepreneurs of the rural world.
A small mosaic of portraits that show how they are, how they work, what is their day to day life and what worries them.

In each piece we briefly deal with a different topic:
What inspired me the most is listening to the voices of women with very different mentalities, origins and projects, who are inventing new ways of living off the land, organizing and transforming the sector.
It makes me feel hope, inspiration and admiration, to see how they manage to get ahead.
The intention is to break stereotypes and better understand rural women in their reality. I want them to be recognized, not just because they are women, but because their projects contribute a lot to the life of the territory, to the health and social life of their community.