Marta Bessa

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My name is Marta Bessa, I trained as an actress at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona and graduated almost five years ago I currently work as a text and voice actress, as well as an english teacher. Also, I write every morning. I am very exited about storytelling, and the power it holds. I am very passionate as well about collective work, putting ideas in common, working toward a common goal.

I’ve worked in collective creation in la Sala Beckett, with the Els Malnascuts project. Also, I’ve co-written and directed plays such as Mi Danzi L’Anima (a dance and theatre merging project), and a couple microtheatre plays.
As an actress, I’ve worked with international directors such as Drew Mulligan, Andrew McKinnon and Rob Watt, as well as Oscar Valsecchi. I’ve worked with Carla Torres Danés in Espai Brossa, and with Xavier Albertí in the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya. Furthermore, I’ve participated in physical theatre and performative creations by Emily Mast and with Projecte Ingenu.
In 2018, I directed my first shortfilm: Lentejas.
I’ve worked in front and behind the cameras, starring in «LIT» and «Patates Rosses», and on the Set Dressing Team for «Uncharted» and «Vampire Academy». Furthermore, I’ve trained and worked as a stunt double, starring in productions such as «Feria» and the recently premiered «Malnazidos».

I am currently aiming toward writing my first solo play, as well as I continue to work as a text and voice actress.