Natali Basovska

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Natali Basovska, born in Kiev in 1986, showed an interest in art from an early age, but eventually received an engineering degree. However, her love of creativity never left her, and in 2011 she began to study ceramics.

It quickly became clear that ceramics was her calling. She enjoyed experimenting with various techniques and materials, creating functional objects that combined beauty, harmony, and originality.

Art for Natali is first and foremost the contemplation of the beautiful, which inspires and fills her with energy. She creates her works in such a way that they delight the eye and bring people joy.

In 2022, with the start of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, Natali was forced to flee her home and move to Spain. In the new country, she started from scratch, but continues to pursue ceramics and develop as an artist.

In Spain, Natali continues to experiment with various techniques and materials. She is also studying Spanish art and culture, which have had a great influence on her work. Her works attract the attention of viewers with their beauty, harmony, and originality.


Artistic Statement

«I am a ceramic artist from Kyiv, Ukraine. I create conceptual ceramic works that strive to create beauty, which in turn opens people’s hearts and souls, leading them to questions about eternity and spiritual development.

Ceramics entered my life in 2011 and I created my own works in Kyiv. In 2022, after the start of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, I was forced to leave my home and move to Spain. In a new country, I started from scratch, but I continue to work with ceramics and develop as an artist.

In my works, I explore various themes, including:

  • Modern problems of human-nature interaction;
  • The freedom and difficulty of adapting to a new society for a migrant;
  • The difficulty of being in a new country while your homeland is under constant attack.

I strive for my work to be not only beautiful, but also meaningful, to evoke thought and feeling in the viewer.

I believe that art is important for society. It can inspire, comfort, teach, and change the world for the better. I want to use my art to make the world a more beautiful, just, and peaceful place.»