Yohy Suarez

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Yohy Suarez (Havana, 1989) is a Cuban visual artist graduated with honors from the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts (2010). His paintings and drawings -with a language of expressive urgency- are based on the anthropological value of the image and his peculiar way of dialoguing with unusually described architectural scenarios. It has the indisputable stamp of a marked and very personal aesthetic, worked with natural pigments and charcoal.

His work has been exhibited in personal and collective exhibitions in Italy, Panama, United States, Cyprus, Spain and Cuba. Winner of the Special Prize of the Arte Laguna competition in Venice 15, in 2021, and The International Prize Caravaggio, 2018, Milan, Italy. 

He is part of important art collections in Panama, Spain, Germany, United States, Italy, Argentina, Cyprus, France, Portugal.


Homo viator

The strange fascination for figurations trapped in the search for new worlds, defines the gaze of Yohy Suárez. Narrations of a traveler who -in accordance with his own need to feel new experiences- materializes a multiplicity of transfers between the temporal and the spiritual, experiencing one of his main conceptual motivations through the symbolic dimension of the architectural story. 

Fragmented cities, nostalgia for distant places [real or imagined], appear together with the desire to travel far away, the farther the better. Characters and events that the artist reinterprets with an undomesticated weirdness, as a way of using the madness of the world, in the height of naturalness. 

There are spectators with inert pupils, stories told with soundtracks of a disturbing everyday life. And they are all over the cities of the world, in the streets, in the buildings, flying from one room to another. And then they dance, twirl, make love and tear each other apart.