Fuera(de)forma is a group exhibition showing the projects developed by artists Victor Gonçalves (Brazil), Josephine Lau Jessen (Denmark), Patricio Tejedo (Mexico) and Lena Wurz (Germany) in the framework of Nectar Artist-in-Residence Program. In collaboration with Espronceda Institute of Art & Culture and within the context of the emerging art festival Art Nou Primera Visió, NectART residency program is based on a call for project proposals which allows resident artists to deepen their artistic and creative process in a rural environment and connect their practice with the Barcelona art scene.

Fuera(de)forma [Out(of)space] invites us to explore, play, question and reconsider the path, the materials and the values of the new era. The projects by the four artists are based on their cultural and creative identities and personal motivations, which interconnect with each other and draw inspiration from Nectar’s environment.

In Fuera(de)forma, the artists tell stories and evoke questions about ecology and sustainability, about the value system and human consciousness and about the value of the soil/earth in our current and future time.

Josephine Jessen highlights the importance of Nature and our relationship with natural cycles and ironizes about the moral boundaries between observation and human intervention in nature through her video work, analogue photographs and installation, in which she invites us to engage and explore new ways of seeing.

Lena Wurz investigates the relationship between walking and thinking by mapping her thoughts and transporting them into different papers and supports, while inviting the to actively participate in a non-linear game through a playful, instructive and reflexive language.

Victor Gonçalves presents a body of work consisting of three installations in which he raises questions about the values of space, the canons of drawing and the materiality and the time of human beings within the context of our present and future.

Patricio Tejedo works with materials that nature provides us to revalue and give them a new use, materializing the process of turning dust (nothingness) into objects (something) or space, as shown in his pictorial-architectural installation.

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