Roundtable @New tendencies in the art world: towards new models of artistic residences and cooperation – Sept 8th, 19h


This debate wants to analyze the new role of art and culture nowadays towards new alliances. In particularly how the artist residence programs support influence the artistic career, which structures or models are used and if we are in presence of new kind of relationships between Art Centers, Gallery, Institutions, Museum, Private sector and so on. We could affirm that nowadays the art sector is changing and moving in a different way in exploring new way to collaborate?  Which impact have that new cooperation on the art field? Do we need a new, creative and culture strategy? What structure would be able to support and extend the reach and impact of creative and art policy in Europe and worldwide? How we can interact with the art market in maintaining a high quality and freedom?

The debate is in cooperation with the International Project Artist in Residence TV, First World Wide Web – TV and Art Laguna Prize.

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