Webminar: Towards Contemporary Art for Sustainable Villages 21.06.2021


The debate will focus on: the role and value of artists/arts in a time of crisis, and the importance of cultural collaboration in accordance with the 17 sustainable goals of the Agenda 2030. The idea to create a team working to carry out this project in villages based in Asia and Europe born during this difficult period of Covid-19 with the necessity to give hope to people, to connect cultures, to find creative solutions to achieve the 17 sustainable goals of the Agenda 2030 and to propose new creative solutions.

The artists from Asia and Europe joined together to reflect and to explore the best sustainable and creative solutions for villages and population with a comparative research in villages based in Europe and Asia. The founders of the project will research on the impact of contemporary art on the sustainable development of villages and on the role of the artists on the process of change, dialogue with the local community for creative and sustainable solutions.

In particularly on focusing on the places, identity, art works onsite in collaboration with inhabitants of the village, virtual exhibition and onsite exhibitions, webinars for a wider audience to discuss and share the know-how and the best practice on the importance of collaboration between artists and inhabitants.

The goals of sustainable development cannot be achieved without the collaboration between developed countries and developing countries, artists and culture managers. Similar collaboration is necessary between urban and rural areas. To bring contemporary art in a small village, where gallery, museums are non-existent, is among the challenges of this proposal. Discovering village traditions, nature gives us the opportunity to realize the potentiality of these places, the beauty of each culture, and sharing among other cultures knowledge and experience.




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