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Andrea Wilmsen

Date: 01/June/2016 Category:

About the Artist

Andrea Wilmsen is a German photographer currently living in Berlin and Barcelona. After studying sociology she worked for several years as a creative writer before she decided to dedicate herself completely to her photography work. As an autodidact she developed her very own visual language. Travelling is an important source of inspiration for her work. She journeyed extensively through Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and America. Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions and was featured in art and architecture magazines.


My images come into being out of an intuitive knowing. My subject could be anything. I see beauty and poetry in the ordinary and the unseen of every day life. I´m inspired by exploring what´s around me, creating compositions out of little scenarios, objects and simple, unseen things – always in search of deeper layers of what appears in front of my eye. As I see reality as a interconnected whole, I use abstraction and details, which represent the whole. Depicting the usual in an unusual way, often creates riddles and contradictions – questioning the general idea of perception with its conditions and subjectivity. My passion is routed in those individual moments, where reality seems to reveal an invisible world to me. I work on projects and installations as well. Here I often combine photography and video work to express my ideas.