Ars Electronica Garden Barcelona 2023 – Love Vibes

Love Vibes – A Journey of Dance, Unity and Connection 

Love Vibes will be participating in Ars Electronica 2023 Postcity event as a Garden Partner Exhibition from 6th to 10th of September.

Love Vibes, powered by Espronceda Institute of Art and Culture, combines Virtual Reality, dance, and subjective truth. It reacts to live music, immersing participants dynamically. Diverse visuals sync with music type, beats, and genre, offering a unique and shared experience of empathy and connection. Ideal for parties and festivals, promoting love and empathy. Inclusive with Oculus Quest 2 and pass-through. Color filters and particles create a psychedelic environment, celebrating human expression. Love Vibes fosters freedom and connection beyond labels, evoking empathy in a judgment-free digital space. Explores truth, perception, and empathy, envisioning an inclusive world rooted in love. 

In essence, Love Vibes explores the present moment, consciousness, meaning. It breaks free from truths, offering wonder and fresh perspective. It rejects separation, embracing connections. Love Vibes creates transformative experiences, promoting change and connection. 




The transcendent experience known as Love Vibes is a fusion of technology, dance, and subjective truth. It transports participants into a realm that challenges their perception, offering a shared journey of empathy and connection. Guided by the principle of affection, this captivating world unfolds with vibrant color filters and whimsical particles that gracefully dance through the air. It’s important to note that Love Vibes doesn’t claim objective truth; instead, it invites participants to question their biases and assumptions about the world. 

At its essence, this immersive experience is reactive to music, with visuals dynamically responding to live melodies, beats, and genres. The interplay of frequencies, tempo, and rhythm adds an extra layer of dynamism, making Love Vibes an ideal addition to lively events like parties and clubs. It spreads love, empathy, and encourages contemplation on the nature of truth. 

Love Vibes weaves together diverse cultural perspectives through abstract visuals, unique sounds, and the physical bonding and dancing shared among participants. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies like Oculus Quest 2 and passthrough features, Love Vibes creates an atmosphere of freedom and inclusivity, allowing participants to immerse themselves fully without fear of judgment or preconceived notions. 

Immersed in a psychedelic and surreal environment illuminated by vibrant colors and drifting particles, Love Vibes facilitates altered states of consciousness, offering participants a fresh lens to perceive the world. By removing judgments based on appearance, Love Vibes celebrates the beauty of human expression and form. 

This shift in perception promotes freedom and inclusivity, enabling individuals to connect beyond societal divisions and labels. The vivid and positive realm of Love Vibes encourages participants to reflect on the shared humanity that unites us all. Rather than discrimination or prejudice, our differences are celebrated as sources of richness and diversity. 

The transformative power of this experience lies in its ability to evoke empathy, forge connections, and create a sense of belonging within the digital realm. Love Vibes provides a unique and profound space where participants can freely express themselves without the fear of judgment. It challenges traditional notions of reality, offering a vision of a more interconnected and inclusive world. 

In summary, Love Vibes delves into the festival’s theme of «Who Owns the Truth?» by prompting participants to explore the intricate relationship between truth, perception, and empathy. Through this shared experience, biases and assumptions about love and connection are questioned, while diverse cultural perspectives are embraced. Love Vibes stands as a visionary and transformative work, showcasing the potential of technology to unite people and inspire positive change. 

Love Vibes represents an exploration of the present moment, consciousness, and the meaning that emerges from it. It transcends the pursuit of objective truths, focusing instead on subjective experiences rooted in the now. As Heraclitus once said, «As soon as one dares to leave the traditional secure representations for a moment, wonder comes.» Love Vibes aims to modify perceptions, offering a fresh perspective that reconnects us to others and the world around us. 

By rejecting the separation of organisms from the environment and technology from reality, Love Vibes highlights the importance of contact and our awareness of it as our primary reality. It’s not about seeking objective truths that conform to conventional notions; rather, it’s about the co-creation of a shared understanding of truth and meaning rooted in love and goodness. In Love Vibes, no one person or group possesses the ultimate truth. It is a collaborative effort, inviting participants to shape a collective understanding of what is truly meaningful and significant in our lives 


Opening Hours: 

6 Sept 10:30AM to 01:20PM – 03:00PM  to 7:00PM            

7 Sept 10:30AM to 01:20PM – 03:00PM  to 6:30PM      

8 Sept 10:30AM to 01:20PM – 03:00PM  to 7:00PM     

9 Sept 10:30AM to 01:00PM – 02:30PM  to 7:00PM    

10 Sept 10:30AM to 01:00PM – 02:30PM  to 6:00PM     


Performance schedule: 

6 Sept 5:30PM – 6:00PM  

7 Sept 11:30AM to 12:00PM  

8 Sept 11:30AM to 12:00PM 

9 Sept 2:30PM to 3:00PM  

10 Sept 2:30PM to 3:00PM 


Duration of the experience:

Just like the mysteries of love, the duration of the Love Vibes experience is a delightful enigma. Some enthusiastic souls may find themselves lost in the realm of dance and excitement, grooving for a generous 30 minutes or more! While others, seeking just a taste of the magic, might twirl through the immersive journey for a brief and blissful 5 minutes. But fear not, dear participants, for the complete sense of the Love Vibes experience can be savored within a harmonious timeframe of around 8 to 10 minutes. So, whether you’re a boogie aficionado or a fleeting wanderer, Love Vibes welcomes all to embrace the dance floor of connection and unity! 

Please note that each hour, a maximum of 10 participants can enter the space. 



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Daniel González Franco.

Is an interdisciplinary researcher, artist, and entrepreneur. As an electronic art explorer and interaction designer, he is passionate about virtual reality, telepresence, and social innovation. His focus is on designing immersive experiences that foster empathy and human connection through the magic of human presence and emotion. 


Cathline Smoos.

Love-Tech Artist. Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology of Intercultural Health. Professional Training in Applied Clinical Psychosexology (FPSA). 



Curated by Alejandro Martín   


Powered by Espronceda Institue of Art and Culture 

ESPRONCEDA – Institute for Art & Culture ( was founded in 2013 Barcelona as an innovative center and international platform for contemporary arts, education and cultural diffusion. The organization promotes residency and artistic research programs in the field of both new media art, science, and visual art, offering a multidisciplinary environment that stimulates dialogue between the art world, public institutions, and business. 


Powered by the Institut Ramom Llull

The Institut Ramon Llull is the public institution responsible for promoting Catalan language and culture internationally. The Institut represents a cultural and linguistic community of more than 10 million people who participate actively in global events and conversations through performing arts, literature and knowledge exchange. Created in 2002, the Institut is a consortium formed by the Government of Catalonia, the Government of the Balearic Islands and Barcelona City Council. It carries out its programming in the following areas: Language and Universities, Literature, Performing and Visual Arts, and the Programme for Innovation, Knowledge and Residencies.

The Institut Ramon Llull aims to put Catalan culture in dialogue with the world in all areas of creation and knowledge, constructing networks for mutual understanding, recognition and collaboration. The Institut collaborates with and supports artists, organisations, institutions and festivals while fostering exchange in the fields of Catalan studies, literature and translation, performing and visual arts, film, music, design and architecture.

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