Common AI Verse, Opening OCT 17th

Common AI Verse, Opening OCT 17th
17th October – Opening at CCCB Barcelona
Common-AI-Verse is defined as a sensory journey for the collective construction, in collaboration with different intelligent agents, of a common space in the Metaverse.
Through interaction with the space and the different artificial intelligences (organised by elements that compose them in each of the stages), the participating public constructs nodes of knowledge that form part of a global map that unfolds tridimensionally.
In this way, the project aims to break down the barriers of individuality in the construction of the technologies of the future, appealing to collective construction as a tool of basic intelligence to aboard new ones.
The realization of the project was planned as a bidirectional exchange process with artists
digital throughout different meetings in order to capture the applicability of new capacities
deep learning in the field of artistic expression, as well as digital tools that
allow particular expression needs.
LemonGrass Communications | LinkedIn
From 7pm opening to the public of the artificial intelligence exhibition at CCCB, where Espronceda exposed the project:

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