Exhibition @ ILLUSION AND REALITY by Elia Sabato

The show « Illusion and Reality » is the first exhibition of Elia Sabato (Lecce, Italia, 1975) in Barcelona. All the periods of his work are put all together to ask the spectator two questions: What is real in here? And what is the reality in it? Mirrors which show parallel worlds; abstract sculptural objects (tridimensional) that, with a direct light, project absolutely figurative (and flat) shapes hidden in the abstraction; flowers which are carried by well armed soldier figurines.

Theses piece of arts are representative of the willing of the artist to shows,all along the exhibit, the eternal dualities: Light/Darkness, True vision/Optical effects, War/Peace, Twodimensionality/Volume. In Elia Sabato’s pieces of art, are a mix of many artistic currents and movement which set up a specific style. Basically we could think about Optical-Art, passing by the surrealism with its oneiric vision. Watching his works created from mirrors, we can think of Miguel Angel Pistoletto, but the level of elaboration required on every Sabato’s mirrors oblige us to forget the Arte Porvera current and lead us to the opposite side, the Pop Art.

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