FINISSAGE & Performance by Cercle de Fades, 22.08.2022

We are happy to invite you to the finissage of the collective exhibition On the Flip Side. On the occasion, the group Cercle de Fades will present the artistic performance «something has been said».
“something has been said” is a sound performance about the search of the speech. This piece presents an experimental journey to find a method of expression and communication of its own, one that breaks the limits of verbal language. Rhythmic sentences, danced words and uncomprehended actions show an attempt to verbalize something from the origin, from the most incipient forms of articulation. This work is a celebration of expression in all its forms, an affirmation of how human connection is established beyond words.
cercle de fades is a multidisciplinary collective that, placing the performance at its core, orbits between visual and sound art. Through bodily experimentation, its pieces are located at the limits of language, in the territory of what is not entirely understandable or communicable. In this indefinite space, it is aimed to generate an open dialogue, to reflect on human bonds and relationships. cercle de fades was born in Barcelona (2021) and is formed by María Cuéllar, Júlia Suñer Coma, Bárbara Guzmán-Galeb and teresa w.
“On the flip side”, present artworks by Alizée Loubet, Emir Gómez Farah, Juliene Lousson and Teresa W. Curated by Savina Tarsitano. More about the exhibition here:…/
The event is part of the festival Art Nou.

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