Immensiva 2022 Show




Sigil, a collective exhibition by IMMENSIVA, curated by Alejandro Martín. 

From 05.04.2022 until 22.04.2022

Espronceda Institute of Art & Culture presents the collective exhibition «SIGIL« of the artists involved at Immensiva Art Residency 2022, organized by IMMENSIVA and curated by  Alejandro Martín.

An experiment in digital transcendence, using mixed reality: high definition scanning and a shared metaverse approach, it seeks a gateway between physical reality and the world beyond. An embodied journey into symbols and images at the root of the psyche, it extends the experience of sacred spaces to new digital dimensions. 

IMMENSIVA is an international platform for artists and creatives working with advanced technologies such as VR, AR, AI, sensors and many others.

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