FARNESINA Digital Art Experience ; Immersive Exhibition

Collective exhibition curated by Stefano Fake and Savina Tarsitano in the occasion of Loop City Screen


Grand Opening: 10.11.2022 from 19.30h to 21:30h
Exhibition Dates: from 11.11.2022 to the 25.11.2022
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 16:00-20:00


Immersive Art is an art form that aims to immerse the viewer inside the work of art itself. The visitor is stimulated and involved through light, sound, images and animated graphics. The artist’s goal is to create a space that is a “container of emotions”, a place that generates a seamless sensorial flow.
Espronceda – Institute of Art & Culture is pleased and honored as part of Loop City Screen to present the Farnesina Digital Art Experience Exhibition. A new collaboration was born thanks to the director Lucio Izzo, of the Italian Cultural Institute of Barcelona, who introduced us to this beautiful project, the Farnesina Digital Experience, and to the artistic director Stefano Fake. We are pleased to present it for the first time in Barcelona with the prestigious Loop City Screen.
This exhibition takes us into the Italian world through the work of 26 artists and studios selected for this project. Espronceda believes in the importance of cultural exchanges, of dialogue between cultures, and this project responds perfectly to this philosophy.
The project is promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. The exhibition in Barcelona is organized thanks to the Italian Institute of Culture in Barcelona, the Italian Embassy in Madrid, the Consulate General and Espronceda Institute of Art and Culture. The organization and promotion are curated by Bright Festival and ImmersiveExperience.Art with the
artistic direction of Stefano Fake.
Free tickets are available here
Information about the event will be updated here



Stefano Fake is an Italian artist and video designer who creates installations using video projections, films, photographs, sculptures, paintings, computer graphics and interactive technologies. He is among the leading exponents of Immersive Art, which aims to immerse the viewer within the artwork itself. In 2001 he began making immersive art installations, of which he became one of the world’s leading exponents with exhibitions visited b more than 5 million global viewers. Since 2019 he has been the creator and artistic director of the FARNESINA Digital Art Experience project, which promotes the work of more than 25 Italian digital art studios specializing in video mapping and immersive art. / www.thefakefactory.art; www.stefanofake.art

LOOP is a platform dedicated to the stud and promotion of the moving image. Founded in 2003, since its creation it offers a specialized audience a curated selection of video-related contents from challenging perspectives. While teaming up with an international communit of artists, curators, gallerists, collectors and institution directors to develop projects which aim to explore the capacities of video and film in today’s contemporar art discourses, it annuall hosts LOOP Barcelona. The Festival presents a series of proposals related to moving image creation in the form of exhibitions, screenings and live performances around the city.

More about Farnesina Digital Art Experience here


Press Release:

Farnesina ENG (2) / Farnesina ESP (2) / Farnesina CAT (2)

Videos of the Exhibition at Espronceda:


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