Open call deadline: 3 JUNE 2024
Period of the residency: from Monday 7 to Friday 18 October 2024
Theatre in Palm Residency is open to 5 participants
The open call is open to artists in the field of performing arts, new media, and sound art.
Fee: 600 euro
If artists not resident in Barcelona are selected, accommodation will also be provided.


The topic of the artistic research:
Non-human rights / Natural Contract / Collective intelligence / Resilience / Future Imaginaries

Artistic practices operate on both a symbolic and real level because they can directly or indirectly influence the emotional state of the perceiver involved in the artistic experience. This synergy established between the symbolic and the real could lead us to reflect on the potential influence these practices could have in promoting other imaginaries capable of educating about less competitive, more egalitarian, and cooperative values.

To implement measures for safeguarding and conserving ecosystems, it may be useful to understand the relationships between the different parts that compose the whole. Every being is profoundly linked to its environment and its evolution is directly linked to its ability of adaptation. This occurs in most cases through the capacity of cooperation between organisms of the same or different species, as Lynn Margulis mentions when commenting on her theory of endosymbiotic evolution.

We can therefore understand how each subject is linked to its environment, hence the survival of life on a cognitive, social, and environmental level (quoting Guattari) will depend on the quality of the relationships established between the different dimensions of reality and between subjects and their environment. The ecological crisis and the current eco-social transition we are facing lead us to the need of creating new, more balanced imaginaries capable of including the rights of all living and non-living organisms in decision-making

In the context of this new residency, we would like to propose these insights as stimuli for the development of possible shared project content, and at the same time, we would like to propose the following questions.
How can we open spaces of active and sensitive listening both in the forms of thought and in those of living the
territory with other beings? What imaginaries, which are capable of favoring heterogeneity and multiplicity rather than homogeneity and
uniformity, can be created? What possible post-capitalist futures or utopian imaginaries can we outline to decolonize our idea of nature and
inhospitable futures?


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