Vernissage @»Pleasure in Progress» por Yao Cong

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Pleasure in Progress is a project of the emerging artist Cong Yao born during his program residency at ESPRONCEDA, Center for Art and Culture, in cooperation with the Royal College of Art, London and curated by Savina Tarsitano.

Congo Yao’s research wants to evoke a key issues that come out when we talk about gender, sexuality and body in cultural representation and personal emotions. He explores how to administer or to be administered by the “pleasure” in human perception and life experience. Rethink fantasies, power, preconception to avoid any confusion and cliché of “sexuality”. In his research he explores the relationship between nature and civilization, how human being try to find a poetic lifestyle, how humans learn to adapt themselves across political, social and cultural changes and in which way all these factors influence the human pleasure and if it is possible to find a more authentic “pleasure” from the “pleasure in progress”.

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