Vernissage @»This Territory is Time» by Natalia Skobeeva


This Territory is Time is a project of the artist Natalia Skobeeva born during her artistic residency at ESPRONCEDA, Center for Art and Culture, Barcelona, in cooperation with Royal College of Art, London and curated by Savina Tarsitano.

Natalia Skobeeva research links and integrates complex, disparate seeming ideas into a coherent cross disciplinary body of work, that carries characteristics attributed to transnational art: multiplicity, liminality and hybridity. Based on Sagrada Familia – unique manifestation of humanity, life-time creation of Gaudi and iconic Catalan monument – the work explores how the issues of particular and universal are re-negotiated in the context of ambivalent (non) belonging by human kind in the post-internet era. Using Sagrada Familia as a metaphor for humanity, the work follows up the construction of the monument and the consequent cultural withdrawal from it, jeopardizing ideas of speculative realism with exploration of cultural identity. Speaking her idiosyncratic language, the artist navigates the present tense narrative, oscillating between personal and collective, closed and open-ended, conscious and subconscious, human and beyond.

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