Ana Karen Rodriguez

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Rodríguez work is multidisciplinary and detonates from the observation of the
environment-landscape and the phenomena that cross it. This process appeals to
observe and find in everyday life the waste as a concept and matter that belongs to a
symbolic economy of the industrialized global system. Through the work, she
speculates on probable scenarios, interpretations and abstractions.
Ana Karen Rodríguez has a degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad Autónoma del
Estado de México. She is in the SOMA 2021-2023 Educational Program. During 2020
she participated in the Ninth Diploma in Visual Arts Production at the Centro de las
Artes de San Agustín. She was selected for the group exhibition "Malxs Artistxs"
Trámite, at the gallery Jesús Gallardo, León, Guanajuato. In 2019 she was a member
of the Artistic Production Program at Obra Negra, an independent space in