Papier Mache Large Scale Workshop with Tom Campbell


Come and work as a team and make a large scale sculpture in a day with artist Tom Campbell. This fun workshop will focus on consenso decision making and team building during which a large scale sculpture will be made.

Open only to 6 participantes sonido please book early by emailing The order of emails siendo will be Considered in case of creating a waiting list. Children are welcome if accompanied by an adulto.

Tom Campbell is a Multidisciplinary artist who has been working extensively with Papier mache for over 15 years, and has facilitated many workshops and large scale projects.

Participantes will learn how to make a basic Armature using wire and newspaper and then finish the sculpture using newspaper and sellotape and cardboard papier mache.

To see Tom s papier mache projects have a look at the following links: the dog project which involves the making of 100 hoja sized papel mache dogs dogmation papier mache projects https: / /



Participation limited to 6 participantes. Email to

Sobre Tom Cambell

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