HUMANVERSE by Martin Romeo, May 26

Espronceda Institute of Art and Culture of Barcelona will host the presentation of the project «Humanverse» by the artist Martin Romeo, winner of the Italian Council (11th edition, 2022). Happening on May 26, 2023, 7:30pm.

The Humanverse project is presented within the broader framework of the European project “Theatre in Palm”, co-financed by the European Union, which aims to support emerging artists in the field of performing arts and promote the development of new, innovative forms of creation that can foster a more resilient and sustainable future. The project is presented within the cycle of events: European Theatre Lab.

Humanverse is a project that visually reflects on the themes and tools of recent years, in which the metaverse and artificial intelligence have exponentially increased information, creating new imaginaries and communities of inhabitants. Martin has worked on themes of synthetic corporeality, performativity in virtual spaces, artificial ecosystems, and digitalized biological and organic forms.

During the presentation, Martin will showcase the research projects he has developed on the Metaverse made on Spatial, as well as elaborations made primarily through prompts, using various platforms such as Stable Diffusion and Runway. Through the use of virtual reality headsets, the audience will be able to enter these environments and share a unique, participatory, and immersive experience.

Humanverse continues online following the artist’s instagram page where it is possible to consult the developments of the research and the final rest tution of the project in November 2023 at the Etopia Center for Art and Technology in Zaragoza. The artist will present the conclusions of the research project through various visual and physical experiences both with the headsets and with the building facade of the art center.

More about Martín Romeo here, and Theatre in Palm here.

Humanverse is supported by the Italian Council, the General Dictation for Contemporary Creativity and the Italian Ministry of Culture.

Cultural Partners: Etopia Centro de Arte y Tecnologia, Red Eye, Startup Europe, Fundación Zaragoza Ciudad del Conocimiento.


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