Tolkyn Sakbayeva

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Born in 1990, Almaty, with Cerebral Palsy, Tolkyn Sakbayeva is the only case from her country to get accepted in the University. Graduated with Magnum Cum Laude from the Academy of Fine Arts in Almaty, she moved to Barcelona and later to Madrid, where she came into contact with the most influenIal figures in the arIsIc world of this city, such as Alberto G. Alix, Ramón Mateos, Maria
Vargas, Maria Gimeno and the Cuban arIst – Tania Bruguera. They held workshops and have been working on different projects
together. As criIcs note “Tolkyn’s expressionist style that creates a stroke and pure pigment before the form has undoubtedly made her one of the best living colorists on the planet. ArIst’s ‘acIon-painIng’ goes beyond figurataIve, entering into the fields of abstracIon that combine the purity of painIng dwelling from Venice as well as covering actual discourses that recently delved into burning issues, such as the problem of feminism and freedom of self-expression in her country of origin – Kazakhstan. Author, however, always remains in the arIsIc plane with an emphasis on freeing the painIng from all Ies, leWng the colors expand on the canvas like watercolor, like
primiIve mud, like acIon”.

• Exposición individual “Soul Pain3ng” El Luberon, La provence, Francia. 2023
• Exposicion Individual. OLEOS RECIENTES, día de la independencia, Embajada de Kazakhstan 2023
• Ganador de la residencia de art PORCHE X ARTFUTURE ‘DRIVEN BY DREAMS’ Almaty Kazahstan 2023
• Exposicion colec3va “FESTIVAL LOS 10 SENTIDOS VALENCIA 2023
• MUJER Y DISCAPACIDAD XI Bienal de Arte Contemporaneo Fundación Once Madrid 2022-23
• SOY SOPORTE IV jornadas en torno a la diversidad funcional Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia 2022

• OFF ARCO, Exposición Individual CHANSON DE PEINTRE, El 13, Madrid 2022
• Exposición Individual “Teen Park” Esentai Gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2019
• “Arte en sincronía con el 3empo polí3co” Taller con Tania Bruguera 2019
• Exposición Individual “Catch in Colour” Bar Cock Madrid, España 2018
• JUSTMADRID, “COLOR IS LIFE” Madrid, España 2016
• Exposicion Personal “KALEIDOSCOPE” Art center Intercional Espronceda Barcelona España 2016
• Exposicion personal ‘LA LUZ DE MI VIDA
• la sala “B,14” de Barcelona España
• Exposicion colectiva “COLOR Y FORMA”
• Barcelona España 2016

• Conference “institut d’educaccio secundaria en Terrassa Cavall Bernat” – Terrassa, España. 2016
• Acto benefico “RUSACTIVA” – Barcelona, Spain – 2016
• Exposicion colictiva “KADAM”. Almaty, Kazakhstan. 2012

• Exposicion colectiva “SHABIT”. Almaty, Kazakhstan. 2012

• Exposicion colectiva “Oner – Tolkyn” Almaty,  Kazakhstan. 2011