Espronceda and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels launched the Art prize in 2016 with the main aim, on one side, on how to help young artists in their early career, in facilitating and catalyzing artists’ abilities to move across the world fostering a meaningful creative period and on the other to underline the importance to create a bridge among universities, arts centers and galleries for building new alliances towards a best practice in contemporary art and exchanges ideas and knowledge.

The prize includes an artistic residency, curator, mentor, round tables for a wider dialogue at National, European and International level.

Responsibles for the project: Savina Tarsitano & Enzo Pezzella

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2017 ____________________________________________________________________



Sideral/Human Architectures by Emille Pierret and Annita Kosmadaki curated by Savina Tarsitano

2018 ____________________________________________________________________



I cried over the spilt milk, by Leen Van Dommelen  and Charlotte Flamand, curated by Savina Tarstiano

2019 ______________________________________________________________________



Object by Lionel Pennings curated by Savina Tarstiano


2020 ; 2021 ______________________________________________________________________






Adrien Cavallin & Elise Vlaminck.









Marina Amaral

Maria E Andre.

Conversations, by Marina Amaral, Maria e Andre. Adrien Cavallin & Elise Vlaminck. Curated by Savina Tarsitano.


2022 ________________________________________________________________


On the Flip Side, by Savina Tarsitanp (curator of the exhibition) Emir Goméz Farah , Alizée Loubet, Juliane Lusson, Teresa W. Curated by Savina Tarsitano.


2023 ________________________________________________________________

EFEMERAINFINITE by Estelle Garcia Blanco, Basile Richon and Lorenzo Lunghi
Curated by Savina Tarsitano