Janina Lamberty

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Janina Lamberty was born in Upper Silesia / Poland where she grew up in a rural environment. At this point she was already interested in nature and its diversity.   In 1971 she and her family emigrated to live in Germany near Düsseldorf. She continued to be interested in nature, its events and later also in natural science; and she began to transform what she perceived from nature into sketches and drawings.

When choosing a career, she chose the field of surveying/geodesy, which corresponded to her interest in nature and science. During her 10-year career in surveying, she transformed maps and plans into CAD (computer aided design) in 2 and 3 dimensions.

At the same time, she expanded her knowledge in the fields of science, art history and philosophy. She trained as a painter and sculptor under the Düsseldorf artist Ernst Otto Köpke, also known as EO Köpke.

Janina Lamberty has been exhibiting her art in public spaces since 1997. Her first exhibition took place in the Leopold Hoesch Museum in Düren, Germany.    Since then, she also has been transposing the science of geodesy into art. These artworks are shown in relevant exhibitions such as museums, art fairs, galleries, and world congresses.

This was followed by the “Music and Visual Arts” project in collaboration with the composer Pere Casas in Sabadell near Barcelona. Watercolors were created, inspired by his contemporary compositions. These works were exhibited in both Germany and Spain.

In 2001 Janina Lamberty moved to Barcelona/Spain. Pictures, sculptures and spatial installations were created that relate to the landscape, art and culture of Spain as well as to science.

She expanded her art towards multimedia creating photographs that depict movement and time sequences, as well as video and experimental sound interpretations.

Art-historical and cultural inspirations have always been the basis of her projects of applied designs and commissioned work for renowned companies. Commissioned work by Janina Lamberty in the area of ​​graphics (janina-lamberty.art)

Since the 1990s Janina Lamberty has been using straw, a material that is considered a synonym for sustainability. In 2021, the idea of protecting and preserving our habitat culminated in the project “Hygiene and Sustainability”, an artistic approach using straw, pulp, paper and wood; a project carried out in collaboration with the company Essity.

In 2022, at the “Intergeo2022” world congress in Essen the project “Geodesy and Art in Relation” once more bridged the gap between science and art. Janina Lamberty – Projects – Conceptual Art – Modern Art (janina-lamberty.art)

Janina Lamberty has lived and worked in Düsseldorf and Barcelona since 2011. Her artworks have been exhibited in Germany, Poland, Spain, France, Great Britain and South Korea.