Sanja Milenkovic

Date: 11/gener/2023 Category:

Sanja Milenkovic was born on 17 November in 1983, in Nis, Serbia. At the age of 18 she
moved to Milan. She graduated (BFA) in painting and completed her post-graduated
studies (MFA) in Visual Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Brera in Milan, Italy in 2009. She
has had numerous exhibitions in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal. Currently she lives and
works in Milan.
“My inspiration comes from different constance scenes and situations from the real life. My
creativity is based on a research on my memory and how snapshots shape can change
and create something new. In my works people are playing a major role. I like the moment
when the painting is changing and suddenly there is a perfect disorder and some
imaginary conversation between people. Perfect mix is achieved between nearly realistic
painted human figures and almost abstract environment.”