Episode 2 – The Salon of Espronceda –Talk with a Special Guest by Savina Tarsitano 07.07.2021


Art galleries, contemporary art, the importance of residences for both emerging and established artists, what was the impact of Covid-19 on galleries, artists?

We talk about all this with our guests at the Espronceda Salon, especially about the city of Tokyo with a look also to Taipei. On 7 July we move to Japan to talk with Sachiko Iwase gallery director at NCA/NICHIDO contemporary art Tokyo, and gallery Nichido in Taipei and the Japanese artist Kazuya Sakamoto to share their opinions together, to understand together what has caused Covid in the art world not only in Europe but also in Tokyo, and to get closer to the world of art galleries in Tokyo and in Taipei.

The artist Kazuya Sakamoto will subsequently be in residence in Barcelona, in Espronceda in collaboration with the nca/nichido gallery. A new collaboration born between Barcelona and Tokyo, we are very glad to share all with you.


Sachiko Iwase

After obtaining a B.A. in Three-Dimensional Art at Bunka Gakuen University (formerly Bunka Women’s University), Tokyo, Sachiko worked as an intern in the London-based gallery, Flowers, previously known as Flowers East Gallery. She joined nca | nichid contemporary art, Galerie Nichido’s contemporary branch, in 2006. Taking on the position of gallery director in 2009, Sachiko has been curating the gallery’s program ever since.

In addition, since 2015 she has also been in charge of the direction of galerie nichido Taipei, Galerie Nichido’s first Asian branch. Through her work as a director, Sachiko has been collaborating with many artists both in Japan and abroad and, following the opening of the Taipei branch, she has been also focusing on the introduction of Asian artists and the Asian contemporary art scene in Japan.




Kazuya Sakamoto

Kazuya received his M.F.A. in Contemporary Art at Nagoya University of Arts, Aichi. Japan. In 2017 he was selected to participate in the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ Program of Overseas Study for a one-year artist residency in Taipei. Major solo exhibitions include “Spring ephemeral “, nca | nichido contemporary art, Tokyo (2020), “Symbiosis”, galerie nichido Taipei, Taipei (2018), and “Landscape gardening”, Yonago City Museum of Art, Tottori (2017). “Between Breaths”, nca | nichido contemporary art, Tokyo (2016).

His work has been shown in several group exhibitions such as “SITES UNSEEN – An endless call to life from the center –“, nca | nichido contemporary art, Tokyo (2021), Next World – Taguchi Art Collection x Iwaki City Art Museum, Iwaki City Art Museum, Iwaki (2021), “Routes to Roots”, galerie nichido Taipei, Taipei (2020), "Arts Challenge 2015", Aichi Arts Center, Aichi (2015), "Some Like It Witty", Gallery EXIT, Hong Kong (2014), and many others.



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