Deadline: 15 December 2022



We are happy to invite you to register yourselves and your artwork as part of the Digital Open Art Studio Platform, created as part of the project PALkonnect (funded by the Erasmus + Programme). The platform is giving you the opportunity to promote widely your work and creation all over Europe. The gallery gives a glimpse into the working practice, motivation and passions that drive emerging artists. We invite you to explore the gallery and be inspired! We give a special attention and support to emerging artists coming from social excluded groups and provide them the opportunity to get promoted over our social media tools and web platforms of the partners involved in this initiative. Note that selected artists will be involved in our digital edition brochure with emerging artists and their works and in the PALkonnect Campaign over the social media channels, being presenting each one of the artists separately. For any additional information, please so not hesitate to communicate with us at for technical issues and for any other information!

Palkonnect Project 

Application Form – how to apply


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