Roundtable “Año del Patrimonio Europeo de la Cultura”

Monday, 10th of September @19h30

In occasion of the European Year of Culture Heritage Espronceda has the pleasure to present the first of a series of round tables linked with the culture heritage. The project is in cooperation with the artist Savina Tarsitano who is developing since more than 10 years an artistic research on the relation between contemporary art and culture heritage. The round table wants to explore and debate how it is important our culture, heritage, traditions, nature for our future, and how we can create this link in valorising our heritage through contemporary art? What it is the best practice to cooperate with artists, museums, institutions, centre for art, public spaces and more to approach a widely audience.

Eemotional architeture project of Savina Tarsitano in cooperation with Espronceda, in occassion of European Year of Culture Heritage.


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