The Light of the Stones – Talk with Savina Tarsitano

Enjoy letting yourself go on a journey between photography and poetry, on 13 June at 19:30h, during a visit to the exhibition in the presence of the artist Savina Tarsitano, where the artist will talk about her artistic process and how the project was born.
An interdisciplinary project, the result of the meeting between the Italian artist Savina Tarsitano and the Romanian poet Dinu Flamând, in an intercultural dialogue on the existence of the human being, the relationship with nature, the importance of place and memory translated through photographs.
The two artists’ collaboration led to the publication of the book Ombre e Falesie in 2018, which blends image and poetry.
Since then their collaboration has continued with the publication of 7 volumes of poetic anthology in different languages (Catalan, Hebrew, English, Italian, German, Romanian, etc.). The exhibition has been presented in different European countries and around the world with contemporary art circuits. The project highlights the importance of nature, identity, cultural heritage, through an interdisciplinary language that includes poetry, photography and, in the last period, music with the maestro Marco Misciagna. The photos exhibited were taken in different countries of the world with different artistic residencies, from Greenland, Mauritius, Cuba, Martinique, Calabria, Germany, among abandoned places and monuments under restoration. The project is sponsored by the European Parliament of Culture and the Bogliasco Foundation in New York, where the two artists met during their residency in 2005. In September, the exhibition was presented at the Centres des Arts Ecolint in Geneva (Switzerland) on the occasion of Michelangelo Pistoletto’s project “Art for Social Impact”.


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