Arnau Guillén Carulla

Date: 03/febrer/2023 Category:

My name is Arnau Guillén Carulla and I am an actor and translator from Barcelona. First, I studied Translation and Interpreting from German and English into Spanish and Catalan at Pompeu Fabra University, and afterwards I graduated in Acting at Institut del Teatre. I also brought my training further (and still do) by taking lessons in dancing, singing, acrobatics, acting for the camera and Daulte practice. I love mixing languages on stage and use the body, the voice, music, objects and every possible way of expression on our hands to create fresh and appealing pieces that are also committed to our present times and our political and human conflicts or reflections. This interest comes from being a part of Teatro Al Cuadrado, a theatre company that creates their own productions focusing mainly on corporal expression. I assisted the development of and performed in two pieces, Exèrshit! and Sol, which were presented on several stages in Barcelona.