Francesco Sinopoli

Date: 03/febrer/2023 Category:

My name is Francesco Sinopoli, I’m 30 years old and I was born in Italy. I always was attracted by history, mythology, theatre and arts in general, so I developed curiosity in that fields since I was very little. I graduated in Italian Literature from Alma Mater Studiorum in Bologna and then I moved to Barcelona to study a master in Theatre Studies at UAB/Institut del Teatre. During that time I was particularly interested in the relationship between poetry and its possibilities on stage. I studied physical theatre at Institut del Teatre during four years and worked in some stage performances. I attended workshops of some international companies as the Hungarian HodWorks in Biennale di Venezia, Levi-Russo from Brasil, in order to nurture my artistic research on the body and the intimacy of the performer, and I trained the Body Weather technique with Andrès Corchero in Barcelona. I work as an actor in some local companies. I’m attracted by mystery and by the unkonwn.