Enric Pladevall

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Enric Pladevall is a renowned Catalan sculptor, born in 1951 in Vic, Barcelona. His career has been characterized by the creation of impactful public sculptures, many of which adorn international spaces in Korea, Barcelona, Vic, Manresa, Reus, El Prat del Llobregat, and Girona. Among his most outstanding works are ‘Androgyne Planet’ in the Centennial Olympic Park of Atlanta (USA) and ‘The Tree of Life’ in the Cosmocaixa of Barcelona.

Artist Vision

Pladevall’s sculptures have found a place in important museums and collections around the world, including the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, the Madrid Museum of Contemporary Art, the Cuenca Museum of Contemporary Art, the Juan March Foundation, the Lehigh Art Galleries Museum in Pennsylvania, the Atlanta History Center, and the Urban Redevelopment Authority Collection in Singapore, among others.

In addition to his notable contribution to public art, Pladevall is recognized for his exceptional career in the artistic landscape of Catalonia. After periods in Paris and New York during the 70s and 80s, Pladevall dedicated himself to producing public sculptures and exhibiting on five continents. Approaching his 50s, he decided to step back from the art market to create a space where sculpture could dialogue with nature. Around the year 2000, he found a piece of land in an olive grove in Ventalló, which he transformed into the Fundació l’Olivar. This natural space has become a sculpture garden, his workshop, and his home, complemented with residences, a bar, a restaurant, and cultural activities, reflecting his passion for integrating art with the natural environment.