Majd Alloush

Date: 22/gener/2024 Category:

Majd Alloush is a Syrian artist whose work spans multiple disciplines including printmaking, sculpture, photography, moving image, installation and performance. His creative practice challenges the notion of borders in concept, content, and medium, by exploring geopolitics, and social and environmental issues such as the ramifications of war and displacement. Alloush strategically creates work wherein multiple interpretations are possible, requiring the viewer’s own worldview to inform the meaning. His work is situated within contemporary hybrid practice, at the intersection of traditional processes and innovative methodology. Alloush holds a BFA from the University of Sharjah, Class of 2018, and has an MFA in Art and Media from New York University Abu Dhabi.


Artist statement

While my practice involves multiple media, my primary focus remains printmaking. Further, it has been my belief that printmaking is wonderfully positioned to provide a space in which crossovers between ideas, technology, and process can occur. My recent interest in digital fabrication pushes my interest in hybrid practice, wherein the link between traditional techniques and modern technology makes the possibilities of art making endless. Richard Hamilton, an artist who always seemed to begin by questioning which medium would be best suited to express the idea or address a problem said, “A medium need not sit in isolated purity. It has always been my contention that the first objective is to achieve a compelling image and that aim demands a felicity in its implementation.” Rather than being steered by a developed skill set, I am able to begin with ideas and concepts which then guide my process towards discovering the most appropriate means and mediums of creation. My interest in processes with an un-attachment to results means that I often do not know how the work will turn out until late in the process, trusting each project as it develops.