NAILA KUHLMANN, Peace of Mind. 06th of July at 7pm

Espronceda Institute for Art and Culture, in collaboration with Be Another Lab, eagerly welcomes Naila Kuhlmann, a talented researcher and artist specializing in conveying embodied experiences of those with Parkinson’s disease.
This event coincides with the world Parkison Congress in Barcelona (, where Kuhlmann is actively involved.
The gathering will feature a screening of Kuhlmann’s work with Piece of Mind ( collective, alongside BeAnotherLab’s presentation on empathy research through “body swap” experiences.
The aim is to foster interdisciplinary collaborations between the teams, driving future innovation.
C/ d’Espronceda, 326, Nave 10, 08027 Barcelona
‼️Please note that this event is only by invitation. Please contact us if you want to participate:


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