Opening @ Young Gallery Weekend

Espronceda has been one of the initiators of a new format for young galleries and emerging artists in Barcelona, inviting people (audience and artists) from all over the world, the Young Gallery Weekend. The opening was at our premises and a huge success with a great video artist and performance artist.

The first edition of YOUNG GALLERY WEEKEND was a huge success! The opening in Espronceda welcomed many visitors, gallerists, artists curators and journalists from everywhere in the world, visiting or living in Barcelona. It was the place to be on Friday! A special thanks to Anna y Maria and its staff from YGW, to Miguel Andrès for its great performance on the Human Rights, to Alba G. Corral for her very interesting video projection, to the BEATS Collective for the music, to HEINEKEN for the bar, and to Elia Sabato for the quality of its exhibition.

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