Roundtable “The Best Practice in Art and Education”. 06.03 @19h

06.03.19 @ 19h


Espronceda is very proud to present is first debate on:
The importance of art in the field of education, social change, social responsibility the best practice from Tokyo to Barcelona. The second part will be in Tokyo by the Italian artist and Espronceda co-founder Savina Tarsitano
Nowadays the role of contemporay art is more and more important. In the face of the economic, social and value crisis, art is the main key in creating a new alliance between society and cultures.

Professor Takuya Kaneda of Women University Otsuma, International coordinator of the Peace Project Kids-Guernica, ambassador of the Rebirth/ThirdParadise project by Michelangelo Pistoletto and Cittadellarte. Professor Takuya Kaneda will present: the Art project P3578 initiated together with the artist Murata Kuniyoshi, his experience of almost 25 years with the International project for peace Kids-Guernica project, and his experience with the project for social change Rebirth / ThirdParadise of Michelangelo Pistoletto and Cittadellarte.

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