Vernissage @ From the collection of Marcel Marette: “au regard du jour” by Pascal Fragment. Loop Festival 2015

From the Collection of Marcel Marette: “au regard du jour

Espronceda, is pleased – in collaboration with collector Mr. Marcel Marette – to present the project

au regard du jour

included in LOOP FESTIVAL 2015,

curated by Alejandro Martín.

The selected artworks are from the artist Pascal Frament, who will be in Barcelona during the Opening Exhibition day.

Mr. Marcel Marette is a prestigious contemporary art collector who develops an active artists promotion labour including both, European and Asian artists.
His focus lies between France and Singapore and lets him keep in touch with visual artworks proposed in both continents. The collection is characterized by great sensibility and research in innovative visual media, encouraging the relationship between art and technology.

Pascal Frament videos go through us, touching our thoughts and our memory, giving access to the subconscious like dreams, and letting ourselves to be our own spectator. Pascal Frament produces recordings, video and sound installations, metallic and cathodic sculptures.

He creates machines made by water, iron, light, cathodic tubes and electronic components, overstepping the common tv rules. Pascal develops new invention media and construction tricks which disrupt and transform poetically the images and sounds. It is a rebellion against the powerful presence of the television in the images creation process, related with his childhood, when he spent hours and hours in a club-cinema projection booth and was fascinated by the mechanisms and the small frames running before the visible images appeared on the big screen.


OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, 28th may 2015 from 19:00 to 22:00.

EXHIBITION: Thursday 28th may – Sunday 14th june 2015
Monday to Friday: 16h-20h. Saturday: 11-14pm.
Visits upon appointment
Contact: Alejandro Martín +34 645 105 788
For more information please visit Loop Festival website:


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