Vernissage @ Sleepwalking / Somnambulisme by Daniel Horowitz



This exhibition invites the visitor into an oneiric experience, to come as a sleepwalker into the imagination of Daniel Horowitz. The paintings created for the exhibition drift through space, either camouflaged in a large mural or integrated into a recreated living room from a bygone era. Horowitz’s creative process is achieved by the repurposing and recontextualization of images derived from expired publications interlaced with the subconscious. His paintings, collages, installations and video animations result in a surreal world altering the initial nature and symbolism of the various images on view, allowing the viewer to respond subjectively.


OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, 21th may 2015

Preview for press and private event 18:00-20:00
Exhibition open to the public 20:00-22:00

EXHIBITION: Thursday 21th may – Sunday 14th june 2015

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