Alem Teklu

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Was born in Adwa (Northern Ethiopia) in 1976. She attended the University of Addis Ababa of Fine Arts and Design. After four years of studying art Alem graduated with a Diploma of Distinction in the field of sculpture In 2002. In 2010 Alem decided to further her education by studying ceramics in Italy. Then she attended the Academy of Fine Arts and school of marble in Carrara, Italy in which she studied the technique of marble sculpting. Alem graduated and received her masters Degree from the academy in marble sculpting.
After she completed her secondary education in Asmara Eritrea, Alem decided that due to her family’s financial struggles she was determined to help her family financially. She decided to study abroad. She moved to Bahrain for a better life but it was too difficult to make a living. She returned to Ethiopia with nothing but a valuable life experience.
Alem then began the grueling process of trying to rehabilitate herself mentally and physically. She did this with the love of her family and
by working in a small business back home. This gave her the ability to heal from her difficult time she experienced in the Middle East. After this healing process Alem decided to use her difficult experiences for good by educating young Ethiopians. Alem decided she would halt the out flow of young naive Ethiopians from migrating to the Middle East for work and also rehabilitating those returning. Alem decided to open an art school called M.A.T.T. School of Fine Arts where she graduated 22 students that are now equipped with the skills and creative education to seek offers and employment opportunities in the field of art.