Nubia Event, 14 – 30/09/2022

Once again we open our gallery to create and display different metaverses using the physical and digital worlds in the context of NUBiA. On the same occasion there will be several workshops given by different professors of Catalan Universities and International Artists From 14 September to 30 September (Tuesday to Sunday from 17.00 to 21.00).
Presentation: 13th of September
Opening: 14 September 19.00 hours
Nubia, Metaverses, NFTs and New Realities brings together a set of creations (metaverses and experiences) produced by Catalan artists and collectives and invited to join the NUBIA collective where they receive training, advice and support in the early stages of their projects. Metaverses proposed by artists/creatives have their own rules, they use gamification, immersion and interaction to invite collectors, visitors and experts to be part of the immensity of NUBIA, experimenting, interacting and socializing in new worlds inhabited by fantastic avatars and works of art, selected by Alejandro Martín, curator of the exhibition and artistic director of IMMENSIVA/Espronceda with the collaboration of Kris Pilcher, director of ATL.NFT, for the American artists section.
– Location: Carrer D’Espronceda 326 Nave 4,5 & 10 08027 Barcelona List of workshops : – Virtual Reality Workshop. Face-to-face and online. By Fran Maciá, Marcos Morán and Niall Hill.
Day 15 of September at 18:00. – Workshop The Meaning of Art in the Metaverse. Presential and online. By Justin Case Day 22 of September at 18:00. List artistic projects: “Grand Opening” by Obvious Team “1984” by Obvious Team “How the Internet Changed My Life” by Nicole Ruggiero, The Glad Scientist y Dylan Banks “Solarpunk Daydreams” by The Glad Scientist (aka Daniel Sabio) “HEARAFTER” by Niall Hill, Fran Macías y Marcos Morán “Horrible Adorables” by Justin Case “Bubblia. As Above, So Below” by Susana Medina “There is no nothing materially valuable” by Valdas NeuroVirtual “Lava” by Cait Lamas “The Model” by Nina Swaeny “Petroglyphing Data VR” by Mohsen Hazrati “Acts of Holding Dance” by Wendy Yu “Gardens of Felt Zine Delights” by FELT Zine “Catch the Stars” by EL PEZ
Exhibition: #metaverse#nft#newtechnology#esproncedabcn Selected Artists: They are the selected artists from Open Call 2022, and will be presenting her work during Nubia’s Event, happening from 14 – 30 September at Espronceda, where we are going to create and show different metaverses using the physical and digital worlds, several workshops imparted by different teachers of Catalonian Universities and International Artists. Swaeny Nina Kersaan is an artist and researcher whose practice involves creative consultancy of digital culture, surveillance technologies, avatar creation and other modes of online self-representation. With participatory projects, performances, essays and digital artworks, Swaeny Nina demonstrates that contending increasingly powerful computed control is critical in ensuring agency over our (digital) identities. After studying graphic design at GLR in Rotterdam, Swaeny Nina graduated from ArtEZ University of the Arts and obtained her Masters of Art and Visual Culture at the University of Westminster.

Valdas NeuroVirtual – is a digital 3D artist based in Vilnius, Lithuania. He has graduated from the Electronics and Informatics Faculty at university of applied sciences as well as Contemporary Sculpture Department of Vilnius Arts Academy. Also,he has been studying Fine Arts in the Netherlands and now works as a freelancer – 3d modeler/ digital sculptor mostly in 3d print field and sometimes doing various VR projects.

PRESS CONTACT: Alejandro Martín Tel. 645105788 Roberta Bosco Tel. 629718604


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