Salon of Espronceda, Talk with a Special Guest. – 27.11 @6pm

Salon of Espronceda, Talk with a Special Guest. – 27.11 @6pm


We are happy to invite you to the Salon of Espronceda –Talk with a Special Guest.

6pm – Espronceda Institute of Art & Culture

The project arised from the need to connect people in the fields of art, culture, literature education, science, politics, in a difficult period of movement, of moving. A corner dedicated each time to a Special Guest, to dialogue together on art, culture, politics, economy, and more, always in connection with art. The show is open to young people, and experts with years of experience to also compare the different generations, exploring together different themes from different points of view.

The main objective is also to connect the local community with the International community with a vision of the best contemporary art practice in the world across cultures and countries.

At this time, talking with Tanja Grass, from Drap Art.

Tanja Grass, graduated in German, English and Hispanic Philology, certified translator and interpreter. Founder and director of Drap-Art, she has helped spread the global movement of sustainable art created with reused materials. She is a cultural manager and curator of exhibitions.

Drap-Art was born in 1995, in Barcelona, as a platform for artists who recover the concept of the objet trouvé and reflect it on their environment and its concerns.

Drap-Art has been present in more than 16 countries and in its 24 years of activity the project was extended to the Americas, with an annual event in Barcelona, Montevideo, Pittsburgh, and since 2017 also in Buenos Aires, spreading the work of more than 780 artists and conducting awareness-raising activities for all audiences.
Drap-Art has become a network of the emerging sector of Catalonian artists, designers, artisans and other creative professionals who work with trash and encourages the exchange with artists from other parts of Spain, Europe and the rest of the world.

More information here:

The Salon of Espronceda




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