Cultural Diplomacy – How Art Serves as a Diplomatic Force

Nine artists, most hailing from Ukraine where a totalitarian regime seeks to wipe out their culture and story come together to express that their voices cannot in fact be silenced. Come witness the power of art and creative expression, especially in the face of aggression and fear. For a limted time only at Espronceda Institute of Art and Culture.

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In the context of the Cultural Diplomacy – Peace, Solidarity,Art and Diplomacy, in collaboration with the German Consulate of Barcelona, under the patronage of Encatc,we are glad to present the exhibition Dialogue.

Opening: 02.02 at 6:30pm
Exhibition dates: 3rd-13th Feb

By the artists:
Fabian Vogler
Sanja Milenkovic
Maryam Mohry
Eugenio Shapoval
Alem Teklu
Raffael Lomas
Jessica Von Helmolt
Maryna Naydon

Curated by Savina Tarsitano and Victoria Tissot.



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