Design of user centric immersive narratives


Hands-on workshop that follows Garage Stories’ own methodology based on the principles of design thinking to provide creators with tools to design their first VR experiences. During the workshop, participants will explore the unique characteristics of the medium so as to build projects with a clear message and a strong value proposition; and the outcome will be a first draft of their narrative and the audience journey


Filmmaker and entrepreneur residing between Silicon Valley and Barcelona. In 2017 she founded Garage Stories, a collaborative traveling lab that gathers the best creatives and technologists around the globe to play, design and prototype innovative entertainment projects with emerging media.

Recently she has started a new series of events “StoriesXFuture” where she works with city councils and other local institutions to formulate positive visions of the future as lines of action to achieve the SDGs and leverages the potential of emerging technologies (VR / AR / AI) to create innovative start up projects that can get us there.

Garage Stories labs have already taken place in cities such as Barcelona, San Francisco and Mexico; and at institutions such as the Institute for the Future, the Sonar + D and the USC University in Los Angeles. Some of the resulting projects have been presented at TEDx.


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