Act Utopia Lab

In a global and changing world, creativity is key to developing new professions, products and forms of interaction.

Human knowledge in other times was holistic, but it became specialized with the industrial revolution.

Artists, scientists and technologists work in their different creative areas, but without constant communication and synergy.

The European Commission, in the Horizon 2020 program, STARTS, analyzes that these areas must interact in order to produce cross-cutting creative thinking and that scientific and technological developers, as well as artists, leave their areas of comfort and dare to undertake Ideas that are not common or initially too utopian and with them generate successful startups.

It is the contribution to this Utopia, which prompts Espronceda to launch “ACT UTOPIA LAB”, Art, Science and Technology, conferences, workshop, network and startup incubator.



Espronceda is one of the founding partners of ArtCosmos. The first edition was celebrated in ESPRONCEDA.

ArtCosmos is a platform dedicated to collaboration between artists, academics, and thought leaders at the intersection of Science and Contemporary Art. The first edition of ArtCosmos was held in ESPRONCEDA and represented 12 artists and invited 5 scientists, all with mutual links to the art and respectively science world. The second edition of ArtCosmos in New York City is held in honor of the 55th anniversary of the first human flight into space by Yuri Gagarin. The exhibition features a group of multidisciplinary artists creating new visual dialogues for humanity’s unwavering quest to explore deep space.

Artists In Residence TV

AIRTV is a project born in Barcelona, Spain, from the lack of video channels dedicated to the residencies of artists. The phenomenon of artists residencies is growing fast and worldwide, reducing the areas without such places.

AIRTV aims to map all those amazing creative spaces and present each of them with a video of introduction. It would greatly help artists, art lovers, but also the residencies to differentiate one from another. We do believe in the unique set of skills, people and services that residencies offer to promote art and culture, and the power of images to reach larger audiences.

The project also comes from a passion for traveling and an urge to meet and connect new cultures and people, new visions and opinions, new insights and lifestyles, as to have a good overview of the artist residence sector on the international scale.


Espronceda co-founded and co-organized “Cruixent”, a collective exhibition for young, contemporary visual artists. The “Cruixent” Event is a full-day event, including performances from

Theater to dance to the experimentation with new technologies. The artists are selected by a Jury following the applications of an open call.

Cultural Diplomacy & Art

Peace and Solidarity in partnership with the Consulate General of Germany. An online and in presence artist residency started with International artist to deal all together on how to build a dialogue saying stop to any war and conflicts across the world.



The International Festival of Sustainable Art of Catalonia celebrates its 25th edition and we are pleased to announce our collaboration with Drap-art in this project with a very special program within the field of sustainable art, with pioneers of contemporary art and leading figures of urban art, apart from a great selection of contemporary artists and emerging projects.

Farnesina Digital Art Experience

FARNESINA Digital Art Experience enhances and promotes Italian excellence operating in the digital art sector through the organization of shows, exhibitions and performances or participation in international sector events. 
The project is promoted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. The exhibition in Barcelona is organized thanks to the Italian Culture Institute in Barcelona, the Italian Embassy in Madrid and the Consulate General and Espronceda Institute of Art & Culture, as part of LOOP City Screen Festival.
The organization and promotion are handled by ImmersiveArtExperience and Bright Festival with the artistic direction of Stefano Fake.


Human Signs

An art anomaly, not produced or commissioned by any entity, but desired by the artists themselves. Born during the COVID-19 seclusion, interpretingthe viral aesthetic of this unique historicalmoment,HUMAN SIGNS has gathered till now over 200 performers from 50 countries, each proposing adeep individual art-testimony which converges into a powerful expressive multimedia fresco. Yuval’s12 minutes vocal art testimony, auto-filmed during reclusion, expresses his most intimate state andbecomes a fundamental layer to which all artists relate to as a timeline, musicality and intensityguide (Similar to the Renaissance concept ofCantus Firmus), allowingby this method potentialinfinite interconnections between all participants, creating choirs, Ensembles, Constellations andintimate dialogues. Bringing a deep sense of togetherness, HUMAN SIGNS aims to overcome physicaldistance and isolation therefore,it invites us to explore differently the spaces, languages, andforms of interconnection, as part of a collective reflection on a unique historical time. HUMANSIGNS was presented online as a multimedia artwork through theLiving Digital Archiveand offlinethrough LIVE GRID performances in five different cities around the world (New York, San Petersburg,Tel Aviv, Milan, Turin).

Inter_WE symposium

Focus of the arts symposium is the Liquidity of Gender and the work on current developments in German legislation changes to add a third gender to the traditional two options of fe|male. Intersexual people, i.e. people who have both male and female chromosomes, are part of our society in a ratio 1 : 500, so statistically each one of us should know a intersexual person. However, there is very little knowledge on this in society. The existence of intersex people is proof of the falsity of the binary gender construct. It is a society changing topic for every human living.Questioning the bipolar gender construct, it questions any gender debate in general. If we stop dividing people into man and women and just start thinking of humans, there is no more gender debate. We have stopped marking race and religion in the passport… erasing gender from the passport should be the next step.Individuation primarily results from orientation towards suitable role models. Fine Art has always had a superior capacity in reflecting a contemporary vision of the prevailing conception of the human being.

Can Intersex people find their place in today’s dichotomizing world, where hardly any depictions of in-between paragons can be found in our museums?How can “allegedly unaffected” gender- conforming people build up an understanding for alternative concepts of gender classification system, if predominant gender representations of the human being throughout the centuries are binary. Intersex is physical proof for the falsehood of the binary gender construct. It is proof of the grace of gender variety – a diversity that must be seen as a gift.
This symposium will become an annual event engaging and encouraging crossover of different

The Light of the Stones – Luminic Festival

We are glad to be part of Luminic Festival, with the exhibition The Lights of the Stones by Savina Tarsitano and Dinu Flamand.

An interdisciplinary project, resulting from the encounter between the Italian artist Savina Tarsitano and the Romanian poet Dinu Flamând, is an intercultural dialogue on the existence of the human being, the relation to nature, the importance of the place and the translated memory through the photographs.
The collaboration of the two artists led to the publication of the book Ombre e Falesie in 2018, mixing image and poetry.

LUMÍNIC is the photography festival of Sant Cugat del Vallès, which since 2019 has been promoting auteur photography.


The Salon of Espronceda

The Salon of Espronceda –Talk with a Special Guest project arises from the need to connect people in the fields of art, culture, literature education, science, politics, in a difficult period of movement, of moving. The pandemic and Covid has pushed us to a profound reflection on how to be together even if distant, on how to continue to dialogue together even if distant. Hence the idea of ​​creating the Espronceda salon, a corner dedicated each time to a Special Guest, to dialogue together on art, culture, politics, economy, and more, always in connection with art. The show is open to young people, and experts with years of experience to also compare the different generations, exploring together different themes from different points of view.


On stage is a project, conceived by Manuel Canelles, that reflects on the matter of language, on the identity of perception and on the construction of the real perceived: what we enjoy does not necessarily correspond to (our idea of) reality. Elaborating a simulation of the filmic plan – language that in itself is already the result of a process of illusion – the project investigates the relationship between reality and its representation, exploring, through various phases of work, language as an expressive matter.

Visualización virtual de Emociones Reales

Virtual viewing of real emotions is a collaborative and educational project of art and virtual reality that investigates the emotional impact of isolation, especially in young people, with the aim of coping with the effects of the health crisis experienced during 2020. The project seeks, through a case study, to test and validate a innovative methodology of non-formal education involving young people who will be accompanied to express their emotions in virtual works of art thanks to workshops creation and experimentation, virtual reality and storytelling.