Espronceda Kids


Workshop: Temporary states – zeitgeber exhibition

In this workshop, the german visual artist and art educator Jessica von Helmolt proposes an activity aimed at families interested in experimenting with momentary impressions within a specific environment. Through different senses, participants will play with the perception of external agents such as light, music, rhythms, fragrances, flavors and textures. The  experiences made with these influences will be translated into collages of great chromatic and formal  diversity.



Workshop Artmongers Baixeras · Sharing the work

Sharing the results of the workshop given by Patricio Forrester of Artmongers London. The boys and girls of Baixeras School will make proposals for a mural in Balaguer Square, and the results will be exposed on Friday in the square.








Art and Education: create with kids and families

A workshop for children between 5 and 9 years old led by the artist Savina Tarsitano and application of methods from the Tutti Frutti School of Languages for Children, Brussels.




Art & Education by Istituto Comprensivo Perri-Pitagora

The occasion of the 20th birthday of the project international Kids-Gernica, where the children bring
peace in the world being inspired by the work of Pablo Picasso, and of the artistic rebirth/tercer Paraiso project from the Italian artist Michealngelo Pistoletto and Cittadellarte.

In this occasion a delegation from the Japanese members and founders of Kids.Guernica were present,
as well as the language school Bruxelles Tutti Frutti, to discuss about the importance of the topics like the social responsibility, the atmosphere, piece, the solidarity the cooperation and others.