Nectar / Espronceda Art Prize

Nectar / Espronceda Art Prize

The prize with the Nectar residency in collaboration with On Mediation was created by Espronceda Instituto de Arte & Cultura together with its partners in order to create new alliances, and above all to create a connection between the rural and the urban world. Espronceda offers production grants to artists, providing both the space and venue for the exhibition and a grant for the production of the exhibition. The award has reached its second edition this year, underlining the importance of the natural world in the creative process of the artists, also bringing the experience of living in isolation between the beauty of the landscape of the naturalistic world and the heritage of the Pyrenees in Barcelona in the spaces of expression. The project is based on Espronceda’s artistic line on sustainability, the use of natural materials and the appreciation of naturalistic and cultural heritage.

El Jurado está compuesto por: 
Tai Lomas y Olga Sureda, cofundadores de Nectar
Savina Tarsitano, Holger y Henrik Sprengel, cofundadores de Espronceda – Instituto de Arte y Cultura
Anna Mª Guasch, codirectora de On Mediation

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2023 ____________________________________________________________________

Saray Purto, Felipe Franco, Jitka Králová, Elio Jesus.



2022 ____________________________________________________________________

Alberto Alejandro Rodriguez, Ana Karen Rodriguez, Laura Such, Nadoe. Curated by Olga Sureda.


2021 ____________________________________________________________________

Josephine Lau Jessen, Lena Wurz. Curated by Olga Sureda and Savina Tarsitano.