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Date: 08/March/2018 Category:

About the artist

Mixed Media Artist for Scenographic Murals and Architectural Metamorphosis

Jeanne Ricketts aka SWAY, reveals behind her large scale works, a hybrid sphere of its own. Besides painting pop art souls, SWAY is driven by locutions, which often unfold as symbolic portraits of situations, countries & current affairs, as well as how we relate to another from holistic perspectives. – “Never before has the family of humankind had a greater need for the power of Art to generate calming connections across world systems. SWAY’s visionary paintings link internal emotional and cognitive systems with external cultural realities and explore new patterns for understanding nature & human nature.” – Dr. Phillip Romero MD, NYC author of “Phantom Stress” co-written by Joe La Placa – director of the Cardi Gallery in London.

Born in Paris in the 70’s of Scottish-German descent into a lineage of artists, poets (Rudyard Kipling), movie-makers (Florian Henckel v. Donnersmark), martyrs (Maria Stuart) and rulers (the last German Emperor William II and one of their common great grand fathers Frederick-William II, known as musician and patron of the Arts, commissioning the Brandenburg Gate as a symbol of peace, SWAY was awarded for “arts and world culture” at Unesco in September 2015 via her illustrations and speech on “genocide, art and peace” at the occasion of the centenary of the Armenian genocide. The following year she presented a holistic family portrait, entitled “our eldest sister Syria & brother Iraq” at United Nations in Geneva.

Art collectors have commonly found in her works a reminiscence in stye, with the paintings of hokusai, for often being referred to his waves – with the lines of zaha hadid for both beeing driven by the shapes of dunes, reminiscent of sway’s large scale ocean’skies. with roberto matta for her «soulscapes» versus his «inscapes» – and at last, with frida kahlo for a similar destiny and processes of holistic visualisation.

Graduating in ’97 with awards from the Institut Guégan (Brittany, F) in decorative arts, murals and scenography, one recognises her style in her series of ‘soulscapes’ and abstract-figurative works. In 1998 she often mingled with  Razzia the official LVMH poster artist and painted privately on a regular basis (1998-2001) at “Castel Caramel” with surrealist Ernst Fuchs. Between 2002 & 2012, SWAY was regularly invited to leave her Monaco base to paint in one of the towers at Jettingen’s Castle, birth place and home of Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, which anchored SWAY’s call in painting salvational themes. Her insight that « everything feels everything » holistically sharpened her art-purpose and dragged her away from the conventional art-scene. Swaying from her almost aboriginal opaque paintings and holistic street-art, to short films, poetry, diluted inks painted over depleted photographs, drawings and backlight works she cuts through, to her ethereal murals in various chapels and castles, scaffolds what is yet to come: creativity as a collective swaying experience.-