Jeanne Ricketts

Date: 08/March/2018 Category:

About the Artist:

Never before has the family of humankind had a greater need for the power of Art to generate calming connections across world systems. Ricketts’ visionary paintings link internal, emotional and cognitive systems with external cultural realities and explore new patterns for understanding nature and human nature.” —  Dr. Phillip Romero MD New York City, founder of the Smart Peace Prize, is a psychiatrist, art-expert and author of “Phantom Stress” co-written by Joe La Placa, Director of Cardi Gallery London.

Dr. Romero interviewed scientists and other spiritual established artists such as Andy Warhol, and years later also Jeanne Ricketts at her chapel murals in Provence (France), in the pursuit of brain studies; building a theory on proving that art = survival and how its spirit can bring resilience and peace at all times.”