Bruno Marrapodi

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About the artist

Bruno Marrapodi (Milano,1982), lives and works in Milano. Graduated at the Institute of Design he further specialized in painting exhibiting nationally and internationally. Dragged by a mix of local tradition and grotesque fiction he developed an interest for crimes, cabaret, and poetry. Much of his narratives explore the “ancestral”, as a grounded and totally laic term. Often intertwining the sign of painting to writings itself, he recently started to animate his paintings reaching an immersive experience.

Grown into the field of jazz and funk music he recently started to produce short movies and radio broadcasting. Included in the “New Italian Paintings”, Studio d’arte Cannaviello in MIlano, his recent exhibitions include “Down Deep”, Villa Contemporanea, Monza Wall Painting for the project “Cittadella” curated by Rossella Farinotti, Milano 2017; Edicola Radetzky at PAC, Milano in 2016, “Non è bene che l’uomo sia solo”  curated by Caroline Corbetta, Il Crepaccio, Milano, 2018.