Netai Halup

Date: 10/July/2019 Category:

About the artist

Netai Halup was born in 1991, and grew up in Israel where he studied script writing in Tel Aviv in 2015 and developed his practice in painting and sculpture, practice that he is currently expanding. Halup moves to Barcelona in 2016, where he studies Studio arts in ‘Metafora International workshop’ in Barcelona since 2016 until 2019.

Halup’s work revolve around sculptural language that explores a poetic encounter between natural and industrial material. He defines himself as experimental artist that explores the potentialities of materials through precarity, theatricality, and mostly tension.

His work has been exhibited in contemporary art galleries in Barcelona such as Galería Carles Tache (2018) and Galería àngels Barcelona (2019), and he was one of the finalists in Big awards exhibition 2018. Halup also took part in Nectar Artist Residency Program last year and has published two artist books. He currently lives in Barcelona where he is developing his artistic practice in Pujo Studios in Hospitalet de Llobregat, which was founded by him in 2017.